Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Why Google Now is not Responding When I say Google

I was very excited with the Google Now features that the Nexus 7 allows. However, I found that my Nexus 7 would not respond to me when I say "Google" like it is supposed to. I ignored this problem but today, I decided I had to find out how this can be fixed and this is what I found. 

Apparently, the ability to trigger a search or action by saying "Google" is called hotword detection. To turn it off or on, start from the Google Now screen and touch Menu > Settings > Voice > Hotword detection.

EDIT: Actually, hotword detection was already on for my device. The problem was that when you set your English language to any other than US English (Australian English or UK English), Google won't recognise the "Google" command! Of course, because it is an American but who knew that would be a problem!


  1. Damn I wish they would fix this! My Kiwi accent just does not work with the US voice set - the NZ English set works well, but it's annoying having to press the tiny mic button every time. Maybe 4.2.2 will sort it out? If I ever get it! 4 days since it was released and I've still seen no sign of it - not much love for us Antipodeans.

  2. Mine is already set for English US and it's still not working. It worked when I got my phone last month, but has quit working lately. Hotword detection is checked in settings.

  3. I don't even have a hotword detection option to switch on or off!

    1. Change language to US (and and maybe uninstall all other languages)