Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Battery Draining Mercilessly Stays Unresolved

If you are a once proud owner of the Nexus 7 with a battery draining problem, you are certainly not alone. Many people all over the internet have been lamenting Google's firmware update of Jelly Bean to 4.2.1, blaming it for the reduced battery life of the Nexus 7. What used to be a workhorse that put the competitors to shame has recently been reduced to a limping mare with the stamina of a sloth. 

A thorough search of forums all over the internet seems to have the same conclusion - there is no fix available as of yet. Some suggestions that seem to help people with their battery drain include: 

1. Turning off your wifi connection 
2. Turning off Google location services
3. Checking what apps are running the most in the Battery Settings page

How did you go? if you find a solution that works or perhaps a firmware is released, leave a comment below.

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  1. Sold the Nexus on craigslist and bought an iPad!