Thursday, February 21, 2013

Solution: Google Play Error [RPC:S-5:AEC-0]

I noticed that Google Drive was not working properly and found out that I needed to install a new version. However when I went into Google Play, it gave me the error above. This is how you fix it.

However some people prefer not to delete the account. Here is another way.

- Create a new Google account with any name you choose. It's temporary, so pick anything
- Clear data & cache for the Google Play Store
- Uninstall updates for Google Play Store, taking it back to the factory installed version (don't worry - you'll get the updates back)
- Start Google Play
- Select accounts and choose the new one you've just created
- Go to My Apps and pick (a free) one to update and update it. That should be successful
- Come out of Google Play
- Go into settings and delete the temporary Google account you just created
- Go back to Google Play and make sure that the account is set to your primary one
- Complete all updates

All should be well. But - it may be very different for you than it was for me. Anyway - this is all non-destructive, so it's easy and painless to try.