Monday, September 2, 2013

How to configure Dodo Mobile Broadband

This is actually for a Motorola Xoom tablet but some people out there may have the same issues with the Nexus 7 sim tablet. There's a cheap internet provider here in Australia called Dodo but their service is terrible. I just spend six hours trying to configure their mobile broadband. I'm not sure if this will help someone out there but I wanted somewhere on the internet to feature what Dodo should have had on their website.

First of all, you will need to speak to a real person if you want to activate their sim card. Don't think that the sim card will be activated by their automated process on the phone. Call them up and speak to someone.

Secondly, when you go to Dodo's website, eventually you find their Mobile Broadband settings listed as below.

APN Namedodolns1
APN TypeStatic
Access Number*99#
Authentication ProtocolCHAP
SP Code335D1

However, all you really need to do is in the APN settings of your tablet or mobile, just add in dodolns1 (that's lowercase of DODOLNS1). You may need to add dodolns1 to APN Name as well. I made the mistake of thinking the l was actually I. Don't worry about anything else in the APN settings. Definitely don't worry about the Authentication protocol, Access Number or the silly SP code. Androids don't have these fields.

The mobile internet should then work. So did this help you? let me know.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Why Use a Tablet?

I am not sure what your experience is but since I bought a laptop with a SSD hard disk and I use a Galaxy Nexus mobile phone, I found that the Nexus 7 became quite neglected. What do you use your Nexus 7 for?

What's coming on Android 4.3

Today we’re releasing Android 4.3 — an upgrade to Jelly Bean that introduces a number of new features, including restricted profiles. Android 4.3 also adds Bluetooth Smart support (a.k.a Bluetooth Low-Energy); the latest in 3D graphics through OpenGL ES 3.0; and more.

Restricted profiles for tablets
Lightweight and portable, tablets are perfect for sharing with others. Last October we added support for multiple users. Each person has a separate space and can freely customize the tablet experience, from lockscreen to wallpaper, apps and folders.

In Android 4.3, we're introducing restricted profiles, which let you manage per-user access to apps and content. Restricted profiles can be used in any number of situations. For example, restricted profiles enable parental controls, so certain family members are prevented from accessing mature content. Alternately, retail stores can use tablets as kiosks that show product information, or shops can use tablets as point of sale systems, all while limiting access to apps.

To set up restricted profiles on your tablet, go to the Users section under Settings.Learn more.

Bluetooth Smart support (a.k.a. Bluetooth Low-Energy)
Fitness sensors and other devices that use Bluetooth Smart technology open the door for a whole new class of mobile applications. Bluetooth Smart minimizes power usage while measuring and transmitting data, making both sensors and the phones or tablets connected to them more battery-efficient.

With Android 4.3, Nexus 4 can now connect to Bluetooth Smart sensors. Runtastic and many other developers are making Android apps compatible with these sensors.

Accelerated 3D graphics with OpenGL ES 3.0
Devices like the new Nexus 7 support OpenGL ES 3.0, the latest industry standard for accelerated 3D graphics. This brings photorealism to a whole new level in the games you're playing: blades of grass on the soccer field come alive, asphalt on the street looks real as you screech by, stubble on a villains' face almost pokes out of the screen. And with sophisticated effects like self-shadows, that villain looks even more menacing, casting a shadow on himself.

Dial pad autocomplete
With Android 4.3 we’ve introduced a new autocomplete feature in the dial pad. Just start touching numbers or letters and the dial pad will suggest phone numbers or names. To turn on this feature, open your phone app settings and enable “Dial pad autocomplete”.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Solution: Google Play Error [RPC:S-5:AEC-0]

I noticed that Google Drive was not working properly and found out that I needed to install a new version. However when I went into Google Play, it gave me the error above. This is how you fix it.

However some people prefer not to delete the account. Here is another way.

- Create a new Google account with any name you choose. It's temporary, so pick anything
- Clear data & cache for the Google Play Store
- Uninstall updates for Google Play Store, taking it back to the factory installed version (don't worry - you'll get the updates back)
- Start Google Play
- Select accounts and choose the new one you've just created
- Go to My Apps and pick (a free) one to update and update it. That should be successful
- Come out of Google Play
- Go into settings and delete the temporary Google account you just created
- Go back to Google Play and make sure that the account is set to your primary one
- Complete all updates

All should be well. But - it may be very different for you than it was for me. Anyway - this is all non-destructive, so it's easy and painless to try.